Zlatý Hýľ


In our wellness world we are preparing for you:
  • Swimming pool
    Free of charge for our clients
  • Ice room
  • Steam sauna
    Healing affects are known from time being, it improves circulation, elasticity
    and looks of skin
  • Finnish sauna
    It has relaxing effect on your muscles and the intense sweat cleans your body, stimulates immunity. Relieves stress.
  • Infra sauna
    Infra sauna has good effects on health of human being: loosing weight, relieves pain, relaxing, improvement of immune and defensive abilities of the body, rejuvenating
  • Whirlpool bath 2 x
    It has good impact on your health and it regenerates your body and mind
  • Aromatherapy
    It is form of natural medicine. Application of essential oils heals different diseases. In essential oils are substances which have magnificent healing effects, are studied in long term and are being successfully used in medicine
  • Massages
    Our professional staff are offering classical, relaxing, sport, honey massage and relaxing massage of foot
  • Fitness

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